Top & Bottom Wire Lobe Mixers & Approach Lines

Henderson, KY


CR Meyer Fabrication provided two assembled stainless steel lobe mixer units. The lobe mixer assemblies were installed between the flume connections and the fan pump of the new paper machine. These Valmet lobe mixers were designed to provide an advanced mixing technology used to dilute thick stock with white water and mix additives such as fixatives, fillers, and dyes.

Each of the lobe mixer assemblies were supported by a set of three custom galvanized floor supports with clamshell type, neoprene lined pipe clamps. Two sets of galvanized support systems were provided for field installation.

In addition to the mixer unit assemblies and supports, CR Meyer Fabrication also provided several 28” and 32” pipe spools that are part of customer’s approach flow system. These sloped spools were provided with either angle face rings and backup flanges or a plain end that includes trim allowance, for field installation.


  • Total Spools: 14
  • Size Range: 28” – 56”
  • Rough Number of Truckloads: 1
  • Alloys and Schedules:
    • Stainless Steel 304L, Schedule 10