Pipe Fabrication / SAV Mixed Paper Pulper Project

Savannah, GA
Industry: Pulp and Paper

Project Scope

CR Meyer Fabrication supported the pipe fabrication for the SAV Mixed Paper Pulper Project. The project consisted of installing new high density batch pulpers, new course screening, and hi-density cleaners for the mill’s pulping system.

By prefabricating the majority of the piping at our fabrication shop, we utilized our shop management solutions to reduce time and cost. Our shop and field management used just-in-time delivery by creating work areas and prioritizing pipelines. As a result, each area of work was prepackaged. Our field team provided a list of pipe lines they would like to receive first and we operated our shop using the most cost effective manpower to meet our field teams install schedule.

Another benefit of our in-house pipe fabrication was that we could perform multiple QA/QC checks before the job shipped out.

Project Stats

  • Total Spools: 1093
  • Size Range: 1” – 30”
  • Rough Number of Truckloads: 11
  • Alloys and Schedules:
    • Stainless Steel 304L, Schedule 10
    • Titanium B861 GRADE2, Schedule 10