Paper Machine Fiber Recover / Stock Piping Rework

Shelby, NC
Industry: Pulp and Paper

Project Scope

CR Meyer Fabrication provided three 20” diameter pipe spools for two approach flow lines for reconfiguration of our customer’s approach piping. Two of their three existing approach flow lines, previously installed by others, were crisscrossed between their fans and pumps.

The fabricated pipe spools included Felker’s metal-to-metal connectors, mating connectors shipped loose, custom galvanized carbon steel lap joint flanges, and one 10” stainless steel elbow mounted trunnion.

The interiors of all pipe and fitting surfaces, weld joints, and loose metal-to-metal connectors were polished to an Ra 30 (μin). This smoothness level was verified with a calibrated profilometer and documented as part of the quality package. Prior to the final shipment, the customer tested the smoothness level with their own cotton ball test which matched the smoothness of Ra 30.

Project Stats

  • Spool Count: 3
  • Spool Diameter: 20 inches
  • Rough Number of Truckloads: 1
  • Alloys and Schedules: Stainless Steel 304L, Schedule 10