Coated Board Machine & OCC Plant Upgrade

Kalamazoo, MI

Project Scope

CR Meyer completed an upgrade to the existing OCC plant. The added capacity was needed to supply the new and existing paper machine assets. This challenging work needed to be completed without impacting existing mill operations. CR Meyer provided a one-stop solution for this critical scope by completing all civil/structural, mechanical, and piping work, including off-site pipe fabrication.

Additionally, CR Meyer fabricated and installed steam and condensate back-feed piping; and fabricated polished piping for the white-water system.

Project Stats

  • Total Spools: 1,015
  • Size Range: 4” – 48”
  • Rough Number of Truckloads: 17
  • Alloys and Schedules:
    • Stainless Steel, Schedule 5, 10, & 40
    • Carbon Steel, Standard Weight, XS